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how to clean the leather seat cover and steering wheel cover?

2019-01-13 1505

many car owners pursue a comfortable ride experience to purchase a seat with a leather material. even a seat that is not originally made of leather will be fitted with a leather seat cover or a steering wheel cover. but after using it for a long time, i want to clean it but i don't know where to start. it is too expensive to go to the cleaning shop outside to clean the price.

  our leather steering wheel cover will touch the sweat when driving normally. if it is dirty, how to clean it?

  first of all, the owners should pay attention when purchasing the leather steering wheel cover. try to buy a breathable leather. you can use a perforated leather steering wheel cover.

  a lot of car owners will find that for a long time, the leather steering wheel cover will be oily, or the leather fabric feels not good when it was originally bought.

  so today, let's talk about how to deal with the smudges of the leather steering wheel or leather seats.

  how to clean leather seat cover and steering wheel cover

  in fact, to clean the leather seat, the steering wheel is not to say that only water can be wiped with a random brush.

  it is really necessary to thoroughly clean the leather seat and steering wheel. soak the clean soft towel in warm water during the cleaning process.

  evenly apply a proper amount of soap to the towel and gently wipe the leather seat or steering wheel. (note, don't use too much soap)

  after rubbing the soapy water, be sure to ventilate and dry it, then wipe it with a soft towel after cleaning and wipe it twice. remember to dry naturally after cleaning, don't blow dry with a hair dryer.

  of course, if you feel that the above method is more troublesome, you can choose the commercially available leather cleaning agent for cleaning.

  however, when purchasing this cleaning agent, pay attention to whether it meets the requirements for cleaning leather. the ph value of the qualified leather cleaning agent will be 5~7.5, and it can be distinguished by odor. the general odor is strong. such a cleaning agent is relatively volatile and contains solvents, which is not good for human health and is not suitable for use. cleaning of leather seat covers.

  at the same time, when purchasing detergents, you can purchase them according to your needs. generally, water-based special (water-soluble) cleaning agents are not toxic or less toxic, and are more environmentally friendly. emulsifying is also water-based, but if the alkalinity is too strong if you do, it will hurt the leather material.

  how to do leather material care

  the leather sofa in the general home will be treated with a leather maintenance agent, and if necessary, waxing will be done regularly.

  of course, the leather material in our car can also be treated in this way, and it can also be treated by using leather care and maintenance agents. however, leather care agents need to be purchased according to the characteristics of the pores of the leather, and the natural moisturizing treatment can be used to make the leather material softer and more elastic.

  the care agent can generally maintain the soft texture and color of the leather. colleagues can effectively block ultraviolet radiation, antistatic, waterproof, prevent the leather from aging and cracking. the high-quality care agent can also be sterilized and mildewproof, which can prevent the leather material from being damp and mildewed.

  finally, the cool car must be reminded of the majority of car owners, when cleaning leather seats or steering wheel must not be directly contact with water or washing powder cleaning! ! ! there is a certain requirement for the maintenance of leather, otherwise it will not only be cleaned but also produce permanent cracks.

  after cleaning with detergent, be sure to wipe and ventilate with a clean wet towel. excess liquid will remain on the leather seat cover or the steering wheel cover. the leather surface will absorb dust and pollute the interior environment, and there will be an odor. the ride experience will not be good.

(article source: sohu)