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car daily necessities maintenance tips do you know everything?

2019-01-10 1574

everyday car maintenance tips, we all know that with the popularity of cars, car maintenancefor the owners, it is one of the skills that must be learned. so how do you know about the daily maintenance of the car? how to choose daily necessities? what are the daily necessities for car maintenance? if you want to know, continue to look down!

1. active oil


active oil

  active oil is a rubbing agent for medical treatment of bruises. in addition to treating people's bruises, it is used to remove the dirt from the car, which is convenient and effective without leaving traces. it also saves the owner of the money to buy tar cleaner.

2. soap cleaning leather seats


soap cleaning leather seat

  leather seats are afraid of hard objects and are more afraid of chemical cleaning. however, the light-colored leather seats are too dirty, go to the car beauty shop for cleaning, and use foam-based detergents. after drying, the leather surface becomes hard and has tiny cracks. in fact, the leather seat can be cleaned with a very corrosive transparent soap, which not only has good decontamination, but also has a soft and shiny leather surface after drying, which is very effective.

3.talc powder to dissolve door seals


talc powder to dissolve door seals

  the rubber parts of the body will gradually age as the life of the car increases. if the door is opened after the rain, there will often be a sound that is not smooth and accompanied by "squeaky" sound. in fact, this is the sign of aging of the rubber seal of the door. in this case, a talcum powder can be applied to the rubber seam strip inside the door to instantly restore the smoothness of the surface of the sealing strip, thereby allowing the door to open and close freely. no sound.

4.toothpaste removes scratches

  can toothpaste remove scratches in addition to brushing? yes, the part of the toothpaste is somewhat similar to the composition of some scratch waxes. after the car has unfortunately scratched, it is expensive to make a small piece of paint in the car beauty shop and it is easy to leave the color difference. at this time, your toothpaste can come in handy. wash the scratches with water first, then take a clean cloth or towel. gently rub the toothpaste slightly at the scratches. after the scratches disappear or weaken, wipe them off with a wet towel. in fact, the use of the abrasive ingredients in the toothpaste, the scratch paint at the car paint was polished to restore it as new.

5.wind oil to go to the trace

  domestic cars must be legally on the road, they must be labeled on the front windshield, and replaced at the annual review; and now many owners like to put some personalized stickers on the body surface. but it is well known that when these stickers are to be removed, the residue is difficult to remove. this is because the adhesive force of the self-adhesive is large, and the water itself is waterproof and high temperature resistant. therefore, the advantage of the self-adhesive itself becomes a big problem in cleaning. in fact, we can apply wind oil on the surface of the self-adhesive sticker (the effect is better). after a while, you can wipe it with a dry cloth, and the self-adhesive will fall off without leaving any trace.

6.dishwashing cleaning rubber parts


dishwashing cleaning rubber parts

  the detergent is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and has strong detergency. it is used to clean some rubber parts in the car and has a very rough effect. for example, if your plastic control center is dirty, you can pour the appropriate amount of detergent and water for cleaning. the effect is very obvious.

  the above is the knowledge of several daily necessities to maintain the car. have you learned it now? these daily necessities play a vital role in the maintenance of the car during daily car maintenance. don’t neglect it, let the car be extended. life, these maintenance tips you have to know, get up quickly!

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