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      fellow company is a professional and systematic production company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of automobile steering wheel and interior parts. it ranks among the best in the industry. at present, the company independently develops various types of automobile steering wheel and interior parts products, reaching the domestic leading level, obtaining 2 national invention patents and 38 utility model patents, ranking first in the domestic bus market.

      technology r&d is an inexhaustible motive force for the company's development. zhejiang fanlong was rated as a national high-tech enterprise supported by the state in 2017, and was also rated as a provincial high-level r&d center. the r&d center has a coordinate measuring machine and a microcomputer-controlled steering wheel fatigue test. more than 50 testing equipments such as machine, color difference meter, oxygen index tester and steering wheel color fastness friction tester. there are 15 undergraduate r&d personnel. at the same time, the company's annual research and development expenses account for more than 6% of sales revenue. the r&d expenses are independently calculated and single-independent, ensuring the standardization of new product r&d projects.